Our activity

CRISTALPACK identifies with the cosmetics, spirits, multimedia,

pharmaceutical and tableware fields

We carry out all your projects, from the model to the final product

Printing / decor


For the production of all your prints with UV or traditional drying.


Glitter, mother-of-pearl, fluorescent, translucent, metallic, slate, magnetic as well as all kinds of varnish (relief, frosted, spangled, structured and many others ...)


Min. sheet format : 28 x 42 cm

Max. sheet format : 70 x 102 cm


Impression OFFSET tous supports

Impression 6 couleurs + vernis de protection par groupe flexo

Format min. : 35 x 50 cm

Format max. : 70 x 102 cm


Hot stamping is possible on PET, PVC and OPP.


A multitude of films are available:

silver, gold and all metallic colors.


As well as special films:

laser, holographic, iridescent.


BOBST cutting presses

  • Cutting, creasing on all plastic materials (PET, OPP, PVC ...).

  • Automatic shelling (ejection)

  • Antistatic equipment

  • Presence of optical control cells specially designed for transparent plastics

Min. sheet format : 35 x 50 cm

Max sheet format : 102 x 72 cm

Thickness: 100 to 800 µ



Folding in line.


Cardboard, polyester, PET, PVC and POLYPRO film-coated cardboard are folded on specially modified BOBST folding machines.


Our checks are carried out using bar codes and the adhesive defect detector with automatic ejection.


NORDSON bonding system.


We deposit the hot glue PU in lower nozzle or

superior. Program control is done by computer.


Thanks to this technique, we obtain a perfectly transparent collage.


Daily deliveries to best meet your deadlines.

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